Art of Love in India

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Liebeskunst in Indien

Zeit: vom 10. bis 15. November 2015
Ort: Neredu Valley, India
Mit: Konstantin Stavridis und Saskia Mieszkalski

We are delighted to invite you to our very first Art-of-Love Workshop in India in the magical Neredu Valley near Bengaluru. In this beautiful and protected environment of the Neredu project, we want to spent with you 5 intense days and dive together into a deeper experience and understanding about the “Art of Love”.

The famous German psychologist Erich Fromm once asked:“Is Love something that you are receiving when you are lucky? Is it good luck to fall in love, so to say? Or is it something you have to learn to develop constantly to master it, like an artist who becomes over a lifetime a real master of his art?”
Is love art? A creation? Or is it just good luck?
Is it possible to learn the art of love? What would that mean?

When we speak about love in this workshop, we are aware that there are many manifestations of love. We choose to focus on the tantric love, because of its suppressed state in most humans. Here we will find a great potential for inner growth.

Currently we are working in different countries like Germany, Greece, California and one of our Visions is to bring people together from different parts of the world, to learn from each other, to inspire, to fertilize each other about the Art of Love. This time in India!
We are so happy to have this great possibility to work together with Indian and European people in this group!

In the setting of a loving, playful and gentle introduction into the Art of Love we want to experience ourselves in our very personal individuality as well as in our ever-connected universality.

The path of the Art of Love means to us to develop over a lifetime the personal love ability to a full bloom. The path of the Art of Love means to surrender to a process of deeper learning and understanding about the real nature of love, a form of love that is merging the spiritual aspect with the sexual aspect of love. Experiencing what is our deeper human nature, and if we would dare to let it free.
Art of Love is the path to liberate the free energy, which is within us, allowing it a growing inner space, where we can free ourselves more and more from the conditioned patterns of action and where we learn to allow us to love as we are. Not as we should be, or as we expect the world to be.

We create together careful encounter spaces, which allow us, to expose ourselves, to discover ourselves in our ability to surrender, to fall in love with live, to explore our joy and our nakedness. During the 5 days we will suggest a variety of different compassionate practical tantric exercises, while still everybody shall feel free and safe.
We learn to listen to our impulses, the real ones, which allow us to become a free energy.

We work with an open schedule instead of a fixed program, this would be too rigid for what we want to explore with you. Rather we invite you to allow yourself surrendering to the flow of emotions, self-experience and awareness.
Yet we will be sensitive with a lot of empathy to make sure that the contact in between us is always in a loving careful way, without too overstrain us.
For the sake of self-awareness we use sharings and group talks to deeper understand the processes and subjects, which might come up during our joint time.
The main part of our 5 days will be filled with a very different set of shared sensual group spaces as well as their integration.

The language of the workshop will be English.

Kosten und Anmeldung

The Workshop goes from Tuesday 10th November at 8 pm to Sunday 15th November at 1 pm.

Neredu Valley Meditation & Healing Centre It ist also possible to stay some days longer in Neredu and start a nice tour through India from this place. It is also possible to bring your kids with. Let’s connect for a common nanny!

Fees and Registration:
Seminar fees on donation
Fees for food and accommodation will be 10000 Rs. (ca. 150 EUR).
For registration write an email to

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